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Credit Application

1 Credit Terms Account

  • Buy on your account and pay later
  • Invoices are sent promptly after purchasing
  • A monthly statement is sent on the 1st of the month for what is due that month
  • Invoices are due on the 15th of the month following date of invoice  (ie: Jan 1 – Jan 31st is due Feb 15th)
  • We accept all methods of payment (Debit, Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, WeChat, AliPay, EFT Direct Deposit)
  • You can pay your account online at your leisure
  • You can set up automatic payment of your statement on your credit card to be processed on your due date

2 Cash Account

2 Cash Account

If you are unsure which application you require, please call us at 604.296.4517 and we can further confirm.

  • All orders paid at time of purchase/pickup or prior to delivery
  • Credit card is to be swiped and reviewed in person with our Credit Dept
  • Upon pick up, must see cashier to process your payment if not already processed
  • Payment processed by credit card on file
  • Must update your credit card in person with our credit dept if compromised or expired